Tymphoni was a fictional company I was assigned. Its premise was that it was using the "future technology" of Cloud Computing to track your life for you, as well as offer suggestions on how to improve it. A logo, a set of stationary, and an app were to be designed to represent this company.

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Tymphoni Logos

The first step was to design 90 prospective logos and then narrow it down to three that could possibly become the final.

Tymphoni Logo 1 Tymphoni Logo 2 Tymphoni Logo 3

Once the three were chosen they were expanded upon and multiple lock-ups were designed that displayed the versatility of each logo.

Tymphoni Stationary

Once the final logo was chosen a business card, letterhead, and envelope set were to be designed for the logo.

Tymphoni App

Lastly an app was to be designed that both displayed the logo, as well as how the app would be used by the prospective company.