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Ways to Suicide: Series

A series created to address the feelings of desperation and hopelessness experienced by those afflicted by depression.

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I Lost My Love

This photomanipulation titled I Lost My Love portrays the feeling of losing, either literally or figuratively, the one you love most.

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Here Comes the Storm

Metaphoric Image, depicting the concept of an individual facing fears– discovering them to be innocuous.

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Ways to Suicide

Lost My Love

Here Comes the Storm

Packaging Design

Packaging Design: Perdon

Perdon was a project in which we were assigned to create and design the packaging/branding for a ficticious product. I chose to design a brand of wine, specifically for the purpose of saying "I'm sorry". It was targeted primarily at a male audience seeking forgiveness from their female counterparts.

Designed with a front label in the shape of a mostly broken heart, Perdon was designed to suggest that the supposed problem could be repaired. If not, you had a bottle of wine to drown your sorrows in.

DVD Packaging Design: Cure


A DVD case, movie poster, and two DVD inserts for a randomly chosen "classic" movie.

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Senior Exhibition: Soul Song

Soul Song

Soul Song is a series of photography combined with stylized typography. Each includes a portrait of a person and a verse of lyrics they felt represented themselves.

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Logo & App Design: Tymphoni


Tymphoni was a fictional company I was assigned. Its premise was that it was using the "future technology" of Cloud Computing to track your life for you, as well as offer suggestions on how to improve it. A logo, a set of stationary, and an app were to be designed to represent this company.

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Infographic & App Design: Memes


A book, app, board game, and infographic-based poster designed around the concept of popular Internet memes.

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